Wednesday , 20 March 2019

Principal’s Message


Having an earnest belief in the fact that an educational institution plays a pivotal and proactive role in today’s society, I feel I am truly honoured to be in charge of  a seat of learning that can mould the most significant resource of our nation – the young children.

KNMS is a school of high reputation in Trichy. The drive for excellence permeates deeply into the school culture and strives to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life. As a new principal to the school, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the entire staff for their professionalism and commitment in building a solid foundation of the school, thank the parents for their support extended to the activities of the school and thank the students for their diligent work and engagement in the school.

We at KNMS, provide a congenial environment focussed towards making our young children become lifelong learners and explorers and equipping them with adequate Life Skills- Problem Solving, Communication and Leadership skills through a developmental approach. Thus KNMS nurtures the leaders of tomorrow through a unique, well-defined curriculum and a dedicated focus on “learning beyond the classroom.”  I have a strong belief to promote harmony, dedication and a win-win scenario for everyone in the school. Harmony can be interpreted as ‘team cohesion’. Let us all work together, overcome failures, see lot of successes and celebrate those successes together.

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