Wednesday , 20 March 2019


We celebrated our teacher’s day with the inauguration of our long awaited auditorium KAMALALAYA .DR. T.N. JANAKIRAM, the Managing Director of Royal Pearl Hospital graced the occasion.After the inauguration he addressed the teachers  and students of KNMS with a powerful message on   EFFECTIVENESS,EFFICIENCY AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, backed by a powerpoint presentation .He spoke about his self achievements and said that everything is possible within us,we need to bring out our talents with self motivation. He also said that we  should work with effort and efficiency.The place where we work and study doesn’t matter but the initiative we take and the effort we  make with a fiery purpose will shower us with success.He quoted his own life as an example, though he is from Trichy he has made many foreigners ,acknowledge and respect him and his talents.All this was possible because of  his zeal,enthusiasm and constant endeavour. Furthermore he also added that despite being an Indian doctor with international recognition he  actually enjoys being a teacher and teaching upcoming doctors.


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